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MessageSujet: chien et chat en asie   chien et chat en asie Icon_minitimeJeu 23 Juin - 23:11

jspr poster au bon endroit !!
Please sign this online petition. Again, if you've received this before
I apologize, For easy access to petition, click on this URL
Thanks much

-------Original Message-------

From: iakakaps
Date: 05/31/05 12:20:50
To: iaka
Subject: Help: Korean Government Still Hasn't Given Up Their Plan to Hygienically Control Dog Meat?

Please Continue to Help Us Stop the Korean government's Plan to Hygienically Control Dogmeat

Dear friends of Korean animals,

The Korean government has not yet abandoned their plans to hygienically control dog meat. Hygienic control of dog meat will give dog butchers a legal way to conduct their business and sell their product, which will greatly encourage this vile trade. Please continue writing letters, signing petitions and sending postcards to the Korean government. Korean dogs and cats need your help more than ever. Their only hope is commitment and dedication from animal friends around the world. Please find out below what you can do to help Korean animals.

Best wishes,

Kyenan Kum
IAKA Founder

How You Can Help
Please write to the Korean Government telling them they should:
Stop all their attempts to hygienically control dogmeat
Stop trying to legalize the dog meat trade
Include all dogs and cats in the definition of "Pet Animals"
Enforce existing and future animal protection laws
Protect all dogs & cats in both the markets & countryside
Introduce clear penalties for slaughtering & selling of dogs & cats for food or medicine
Educate the public about the myths of dog & cat meat products
Write to your Member of Parliament or Congress and to the Korean Embassies
Ask them to write to the Korean Government pressuring them to stop seeking ways of legalising dog meat and change the
definition of "pet animals" in the Animal Protection Law Amendment to include and protect all dogs and cats.
Make a contribution to IAKA & KAPS
Help us put an end to the dog & cat meat trade
Help us pressure the Korean government to take active responsibility for the protection of all animals
Help us spread the truth about the dog & cat meat industry
Help us sponsor education programs that will create a more just and compassionate society in Korea
Sign the Petition
Sign the Online Petition

Print out the petition and act locally!
US Petition
UK/Europe/World Petition
Please send us petitions collected to: IAKA, P.O. Box 20600, Oakland, CA, 94620-0600, USA

Sign and Send a Postcard
UK / World Size

US Size
Sample Letters

Letter to President:
UK / World Size

US Size
Letter to Prime Minister:
UK / World Size

US Size
Letter to Embassies and Consulates:
UK / World Size

US Size

Letter to your Member of Parliament or Congress:
UK / World Size

US Size
UK Members of Parliament
US Members of Congress

Please send Korean Government protest letters to:

President Roh Moo-Hyun
Blue House
1 Sejong-Ro, Jongno-gu
South Korea, 110-050

wmaster@maf.go.kr; afec@assembly.go.kr; fsb1234@kfda.go.kr; fukuoka@mofat.go.kr; genuine@cyberparty.or.kr; legal-moj@moj.go.kr; m_kfda@kfda.go.kr; m_opm@opm.go.kr; minister@maf.go.kr; minister@mct.go.kr; minister@mohw.go.kr; minister@moj.go.kr; minister@opm.go.kr; m-moj@moj.go.kr; m-opm@opm.go.kr; MX@kyunghyang.com; webmaster@president.go.kr; skn@skn.or.kr; 'sojung@me.go.kr'; Spokeman@assembly.go.kr; webmaster@sppo.go.kr; web mofat.go.kr; webmaster cwd.go.kr; webmaster@korea.net; webmaster@mail.knto.or.kr; webmaster@mct.go.kr; webmaster@mofat.go.kr; webmaster@mogaha.go.kr; webmaster@mohw.go.kr; webmaster@www.knto.or.kr; webmaster@www.mct.go.kr

Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan
Central Government Complex
77-6 Sejongno, Jongno-gu
South Korea

President Roh Moo-Hyun

Blue House

1 Sejong-Ro, Jongno-gu


South Korea, 110-050

Dear President Roh Moo-Hyun,

I am appalled to learn that the Korean

Government is planning to introduce a policy

on the hygienic control of dog meat. This will

only pave a way towards a legal means of

doing business for the illegal dog meat trade

and greatly encourage the consumption of

dog meat. I am genuinely distressed when I

think of the devastating effect that this policy

will have on countless loving Korean dogs

and cats that are already dying in the millions

each year. This is the result of the

government’s total failure to either close

down the dog meat restaurants or educate

the public about the fraudulent health claims

responsible for the senseless and shameful

slaughter of these animals.

Government officials have, by their own admission, acknowledged that this is an unpopular move and have admitted there is no consensus, and certainly no mandate from the Korean public to further legitimise the dog meat trade. Why the government should be seeking to appease a small minority of dog-eaters is therefore beyond anyone’s comprehension. If the Korean government is truly committed - as it claims - to reduce animal abuse, then it should stop immediately all measures designed to legitimise dog meat consumption. Instead, it should incorporate all dogs and cats within the definition of “companion animals”, and then do everything it can to strengthen and especially enforce the existing animal protection law. No-one will be fooled by the Korean government paying lip-service to the idea of animal protection whilst simultaneously attempting to legalize the vile trade in dog meat.

Dogs and cats are not a main source of food in Korea, like cows or chickens, few Koreans eat them

for any other reason than for fraudulent health benefits. They have much more in common with bears and tigers who’s body parts are also sold in another illegal and shameful industry. The dog meat trade is an industry based upon consumer fraud and cruelty to animals. It is your duty to protect both animals and consumers from this illegal industry by enforcing the law and educating the public.

As President, you have power to stop your government’s unfortunate and ill-judged attempts to legalize the dog meat trade. Failure to do so will bring about the greatest shame yet upon your country and even more misery to millions of Korean animals.

Till now we have collected more than 93 000 signatures on our petition.


Korea Animal Protection Supporter

Rosa Mertens

Animal suffering Asia



Bloc Ambassy's

admirok@telco.co.zw; seo@minbuza.nl; whlee85@mofat.go.kr; ambcoabj@mofat.go.kr; argentina@mofat.go.kr; atlanta@mofat.go.kr; ; chicago@mofat.go.kr; congress_usa@mofat.go.kr; conkorea@hathway.com; cons-ge@mofat.go.kr; consular_usa@mofat.go.kr; consularsf@mofat.go.kr; consyd@mofat.go.kr; cscoreia@mofat.go.kr; csyang84@mofat.go.kr; czech@mofat.go.kr; dwpark91@mofat.go.kr; ecemco@interactive.net.ec; economic_usa@mofat.go.kr; education_usa@mofat.go.kr; emboman@mofat.go.kr; embacorea@mofat.go.kr; emb-br@mofat.go.kr; emb-ke@mofat.go.kr; emb-pk@mofat.go.kr; embpt@mofat.go.kr; gabon-ambcoree@mofat.go.kr; gremb@mofat.go.kr; hcm02@mofat.go.kr; hiroshima@mofat.go.kr; hsshin01@mofat.go.kr; india@mofat.go.kr; info@koreaemb.ru; information_usa@mofat.go.kr; rok@intafrica.com; emb-ir@mofat.go.kr; irekorsec@mofat.go.kr; israel@mofat.go.kr; jordan@mofat.go.kr; jtlee78@mofat.go.kr; khshin74@mofat.go.kr; kobe@mofat.go.kr; koco@mofat.go.kr; koemal@mofat.go.kr; koemb_qa@mofat.go.kr; koerom@mofat.go.kr; korconsl@brunet.bn; info@korea.org.au; con@koreaembassy.org.sg; koreaemb-kz@mofat.go.kr; koreanconsulate@xtra.co.nz; koreanconsulate@yahoo.com; korean@koreanconsulate.qc.ca; korean-embassy@mofat.go.kr; koreanembinuk@mofat.go.kr; koremb@mofat.go.kr; koremb.sweden@mofat.go.kr; koremb_in@mofat.go.kr; koremb_waw@mofat.go.kr; korembdk@mofat.go.kr; koremb-fr@mofat.go.kr; koremb-pu@mofat.go.kr; korembsy@mofat.go.kr; korinfo@koreaemb.org; korrsa@mweb.co.za; libya@mofat.go.kr; milattache@hotmail.com; mission.korea-rep@ties.itu.int; m-opm@opm.go.kr; morocco@mofat.go.kr; nara@mpb.go.kr; oskocon@gol.com; panama@mofat.go.kr; paraguay@mofat.go.kr; polecocam@mofat.go.kr; webmaster@president.go.kr; rokcon@pavc.ne.jp; ny@kntoamerica.com; kor.oecd1@wanadoo.fr; ; ;jychoi82@mofat.go.kr ;
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chien et chat en asie
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